Jeffrey Alans Garden – we're setting up!

Fresh, fun and blooming with irresistible color – we're setting up our Jeffrey Alans Gardens now. Have you started to see the colorful pallets? Feast your eyes on what's in store oh-so-soon and come check out our beginning gardens where plant shipments have started rolling in!

Incredible Selection

Whether your garden is small or lavish, in an acre or in a pot – pick from the best at Jeffrey Alans Garden. How do we do keep things so fresh and well-priced?

Other than having an incredible team that works extra hard, Jeffrey Alans Garden is Prairie Gardens (Our large Garden Center located in Champaign, IL) sister store, allowing us to pull the same great plants, from the same great midwest growers, at prices you'll love.

What's that all amount to? You getting the awesome perks of a big-time Garden Center in your very own local Jeffrey Alans Parking lots. It pays to be apart of the same local team!


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