10 Creative Terrarium Ideas

While terrariums can look pretty darn complicated, they're super easy to create – making them one of our favorite DIY ideas, Shake off that intimidation factor with these 10 terrarium ideas you can create yourself with Jeffrey Alans supplies.

1. Coffee Pot Terrarium

The perfect kitchen addition. 


2. Light Bulb Terrarium

A bright idea.


3. Wine Glasses

A new way to cheers.


4. Water Garden

A mesmerizing water oasis.

 Learn how to make your own:  Source

Learn how to make your own: Source

5. Layered Sand Terrarium

A sandy creation.

6. Mason Jar

Another clever spin on the popular mason jar.

7. Dinosaur Retreat

A fun way to get the kids invovled.

8. Fairy Garden Terrarium

A way to incorporate miniatures from our Fairy Garden Department.

9. Nautical

A place to remind you of a sun, sand and seashell getaway.

10. Hanging Orb

A creation to hang.