Jeffrey Alans offers its customers a memorable local shopping experience, no matter the time of year, with a unique mix of home, garden and seasonal décor. 

10" Potted Hibiscus Bushes – 11.97

10" Potted Hibiscus Bushes – 11.97

Flyer Sales

Jeffrey Alans Garden is blooming with irresistible garden color and incredible sales! Come see it now in all it's color and glory. Plus, stop inside for even more beauty to discover, with extordinary  home decor, floral designs, furniture and more you'll absolutely love. 

Full Flats• 48 plants • 11.97

Full Flats• 48 plants • 11.97

Blooming Color

Jeffrey Alans Garden is fresh, fun, blooming with color, and filled with incredible prices – like our full flats (48 plants) of annuals, veggies and herbs – they're just 11.97!



Now buy a Jeffrey Alans gift card online and ship it right to a lucky someone. 

$29.97, 42.99 value

Floral Designs

Each and everyone of our Floral Designs are handmade by us and bursting with color now in store.